Food ordering takeaway App

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Advantages for catering companies and restaurants

Increase your company’s productivity through better organization of work! Save the time you spend taking orders and minimize the losses arising from errors – now everything will be in the system!

  • An intuitive panel with an order list for each day
  • Possibility of creating daily menus
  • Food database with nutritional information, allergens, etc.
  • Function to create categories of dishes (for example, meat, soup, salad)
  • Possibility to create promotional courses menus
  • Option to choose the time until which orders can be placed
  • Payment on delivery or through PayU
  • Possibility of placing the individual orders (by a single employee) and group orders (for many employees)
  • Generating various reports

Adventages for school caterings

  • Possibility of choosing the portion size
  • Daily menu orders
  • Nutritional information
  • Takeaway food

Advantages for schools

Obiado is a food ordering takeaway application that connects schools with catering companies. Ordering food has never been so fast and easy. You can use it anywhere you want – from your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Better organization and minimization of time spend to control the orders.
  • Easy communication between parents and school – all absences of children can be marked in the application.
  • Automatic calculation of payment and the possibility of checking the balance of each user's account.
  • Easy access to current information about the children's presence or food intolerances.

Advantages for parents

Now you can easily inform the school about the child’s absence or food intolerances. At any time you can check the information about payments or the quantity of eaten meals.

  • Informing about unexpected absences via SMS
  • Informing about food intolerances
  • Checking of the daily menu
  • Checking of the account balance and pending payments
  • Checking the number of consumed meals
  • Generating reports of payments and the quantity of provided meals

Notifications and reports

Parents will receive a message or email with all necessary information.
  • Presence lists with payment reports
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Payment notices for parents

Dataphone with proximity card

Better organization and acceleration of the give out food process thanks to the proximity card reader.
  • Acceleration of the order registration process
  • Kitchen work organization improvement
  • Information about food intolerances
  • Payment control